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  • 100 cotton down proof fabric with 200GSM microfiber filled hotel duvet

  • Luxury 90% goose down 5 star quilted hotel duvet inner

  • 233TC down proof fabric with 200GSM duck down filled hotel comforter

Warmth Without Weight

A warmer duvet doesn't necessarily mean a heavier weight.

We choose to use top class all-natural down, which is fluffier than the others of the same weight.

This means when the down is encased in the shell, there is enough room for air, making it extremely breathable.

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Duvet In Production

With the help of divet filling machine, the down is encased in the cover made of well-selected cotton.

The fillings are divided and fixed into boxes/ channels, making sure that the fillings will not break through the covers and the duvet will be kept warm enough.

The Most Optimum Control

After filling down and feather by the machines, the duvets will be sent to manual insepction for checking the correct filling.

The workers will illuminate the duvet from the bottom and carefully examine on the blocks. If there is missed filling, the duvet will be sent back for filling.

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