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Hotel Linens That common Spoil Your Customer

ZEBO is a leading hotel linen manufacturer providing customized linens for hotel groups, branded hotels and small hotel owners.


"We work with ZEBO on the upgrade plan of our hotel linens. They designed based on our decoration styles. Durable products saved costs while the unique linens earned us more repeating guests."


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Our Offers

  • To accomplish perfect sleeps at your
    hotels, soft beddings is everything.
    Bespoke any preferred patterns to make it special.

  • Revive your tired customers with an incredible bath experience. Delicate embroidery is made uniquely for your hotel.

  • Bring your customers a luxury feeling of dinning. Contributing to the desired atmosphere by working with us to tailor
    the table linens.

Chances to Differentiate Your Hotel

We don't think there is a linen solution that fits all hotels. At ZEBO, customization is not just a logo, but a solution made YOURS concerning your budget, hotel style and target customers from inside out.

We offer a range of Egyptian cotton beddings from 200 to 1000 thread count to ensure there is something to suit all budgets and preferences.

We love to work together with you to design your unique room image!

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The Natural Cotton,
The Unique Fabric.

We set up our own R&D department to develop our own fabric for producing the softest linens.

Want your guests to fall in love with your hotel at the first sleep? We ensure that every piece of fabric from ZEBO is made unique and excellent for your guests who value a restful night.

Profitable Business With Us


We are reliable partners providing durable linens on your side.

  • optimized

    Optimized Products

    Providing the softest linens is your top priority. We got all ranges of linens of high quality to support.

  • upgradehotelimage

    Upgrade Hotel Image

    Customers always judge a hotel by its linens. We help to design the linens that harmonize room styles.

  • reduceyourcost

    Reduce Your Cost

    We develop and produce. A deal with the manufacturer can save you more and generate higher profitability.

  • optimizedproducts

    Enhance Customer Loyalty

    Good linens keeping your clients happy should be the foundation of your loyalty plan to increase the profit margin.

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Identifying ZEBO With Innovation

We are an experienced hotel linen supplier serving the hospitality industry since 2003.

We believe that every guest enjoys a nice sleep and every hotel appreciates hotel linens with beauty and comfort within the budget.

Our own factory with efficient production management allows us to control the entire production process down to the smallest detail. You can expect an ideal hotel linen from us, without wasting time.

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Enjoy the visual feast that captured more customers.

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Our team works to offer you the best solution in bespoke hotel linen.

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