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  • "We use a number of tablecloths supplied by ZEBO in your dining hall and are consistently impressed with their keen eye in designing the right table linens."

    Sydney, The Urban New Town.

  • Chair Covers

  • Tablecloths & Napkins

Deliver The Happiness Of Dining


If you know your customers, you should know that they are seeking a superior dining experience that differs from having meals every day.

Wholesale banquet linens are available in huge selection in all colours and sizes. Or you can directly contact us for advice on how to choose to right banquet linens to fit your hotel class and style.

We'd love to learn about your business needs.

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From Factory to Hotel, Directly.

We are confident that our table linens are far superior to any others at the same price level.

With a lean manufacturing management, we are able to control the cost at a low price without compromizing on the quality. Attention is paid to detail in every part of our operation.

Differs From Your Competitors

We'd love to work with you to design something new, something that helps to stand out.

You can customize different looks of chair covers, tablecloths and napkins to pair with your overall designing styles.

We can produce it as long as you can imagine it.

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Ensures Your Gorgeous Event

Flawless high quality is not a catchphrase. It is our living, breathing motto that guides us in the manufacturing processes.

We strictly follow the instruction given by the clients and inspects all specifications.

Searching for Ways to Increase Guest Satisfaction Scores?

Our team works to offer you the best solution in bespoke hotel linen.

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