About ZEBO, Hotel Linens Supplier - ZEBO

We Are A Hotel Linen Manufacturer.


ZEBO was founded in 2003 and has been serving the hospitality industry for figuring out tailored linen solutions.

We believe the greatest luxury is the freedom the guests feel when they travel well. And we have been thriving on bringing incomparable guest experience by offering a full range of hotel linens including bed linens, bath linens and banquet linens.

No matter you are a newly started hotel or a renovating the existing property, we are available for production in-house and in-depth customization.

Quality Under Control


ZEBO is the first company that sets its own factory in the base city of bedding. We take quality seriously. Every step is operated by modernized machines and experienced workers followed by an inspection process.

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  • Our Mission

    To be a leading hotel linen brand serving globally.

  • Our Vision

    Striving for and devoted to customers' benefits.

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ZEBO Defines
the "Bedding Climate".

A comfortable sleeping at the hotel is never as easy as you believe. Modern life is getting sleeping more and more difficult no matter we are trying to fall asleep at home or at hotels.

We try to research and contribute to the best "bedding climate" by controlling the temperature and humidity of the bed. Bed linens from ZEBO are made to satisfy hotel guests' needs and improve their sleeping quality during the trips.

Dynamic Team In Service

We are teamed up by expertises in hotel linen industry.

We all love linens and we enjoy the warmth and happiness brought by our linens. Your unique solutions are produced here and realized somewhere else in the world. Night after night, we have never quit persuing perfection and customer satisfaction.

We have come a long way in the hospitality industry with countless projects solved. Count on us, and we will get everything covered.

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Searching for Ways to Increase Guest Satisfaction Scores?

Our team works to offer you the best solution in bespoke hotel linen.

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